Fer una traducció simultània a l’anglès del programa de ràdio realitzat a l’activitat de castellà.

Broadcast of a football game:
Comentator1: welcome to the broadcast of the barça’s match here in sant pau FM.
Comentator2: what an expectation, only twenty minutes with a controversial one tie against Mallorca.
Comentator1: sorry to interrupt you but ibra is sprinting alone towards goal, the goalkeeper comes out, he dribbles; hit the ball towards goal cushioned ... GOAL! OH MY MOTHER, WHAT A PLAY!
Comentator2: of course, a very good match of ibrahimovich which already scored 2 goals and did ten assists.
Comentator3: still he has had a modest participation in this season (only five goals and not many assistances just over); but he is doing now all he didn’t do since his debut.
Comentator1: the referee's whistle sounds marking the end of the first half.
Comentator2: now connect to our special periodist gerard Jover, who is now with Txiqui Begiristain, technical secretary of the football club Barcelona, the team of season.
Comentator4: As you have said we are here with the outstanding technical secretary of Barcelona football club responsible for much of the success of the club last season. We have heard rumors that Barcelona wants to renew for the next season and here we wanted to confirm for our listeners. Tell me, Txiqui are true the rumors about your possible departure of Barca?
Txiqi: actually, I think I've done everything I could do at this club and I want to try new things.
Comentator4: we’ll see you at another club next year?
Txiqui: Well I have not even thought properly about that, so I cannot yet answer it with certainty.
Comentator1: thanks for your time but we have to leave it here. because players are starting to come to start the second half. We are going to conect with miguel siendones found in the field, is there any significant change in the alienation?
Comentator5: in fact, guardiola has sat Henry, with a very bad in the first part by bojan to induce a game almost static. For the rest guardiola prefers to maintain the current alignment.
Comentator1: the second part is starting just now…