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Avi Irwin-Neto

Toronto / Canadà / Sala 3

Avi Neto

Avi Irwin Neto
As an artist, many people ask me where I get my inspiration. This question is difficult to answer since the ideas for my paintings come from many sources including: my dreams, inspiring images, and my imagination. Having said that, my homeland of Brazil continually inspires my art. 

The Brazilian landscape is a constant source of inspiration for my art. The bold colours and twisted themes in my paintings are influenced by the tropical place where I was born. The highlands in the centre of Brazil are surrounded by the Cerrado biome, which includes glorious mountains and green valleys. A multicoloured sky drapes over this picturesque environment creating exquisite beauty and a magical scene for all to see. My paintbrush allows me to capture this natural occurrence and transform it into something extraordinary. 

In addition to nature, my formal studies of Art and Architecture encouraged me to explore my country’s vibrant culture. Specific parts of Brazil’s culture including social movements like “Bossa Nova”, “Tropicalismo”, and the modern counter-culture of the 1980s, significantly influenced the surreal and almost hallucinogenic aspects of my creations. 

Through my paintings, I aspire to share my experiences of life and nature with my audience.

               "Memories" Acrylic on canvas 36"x48"

Avi Neto

"Red umbrella" Acrylic on canvas 48"x36"  
Avi Neto



"Jumping" Oil on canvas 60"x40" 
Avi Neto

"Scent of woman"-Acrylic on canvas 40"x60"- "Missing Rio" 
Avi Neto

"Solitude in paradise" Oil on canvas 36"x60"

Avi Neto