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Services (english)

Civil Law
Separations, divorces, inheritances, legitimate, traffic accidents, obligations and contracts, professional negligence, incapacitacions, compensation, embargoes, registration procedures

Taxes, resources, taxation, succession planning, deferred tax debts.

Incorporation, bankruptcy, suspension of payments, proceedings, mergers, divisions, contracts, negotiations extrajudicial claim unpaid, trademarks and patents, negotiation of debt.

Real estate law
Contracts and obligations, leases, evictions, seizures, registration procedures, buying and selling real estate, mortgages.

Labor Law
Actions against Individuals conciliations service, social action to the courts, Social Security checks, extrajudicial negotiations, both from accidents in the defense of the employee as from a business demand for disability arising from work accidents or not working, processing pension and Social Security of generality, INEM aids, etc.

Criminal Law
Trials for crimes and offenses, complaints and disputes, fraud, injury, liability of managers, rising assets, assistance to Commissioner