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Presentation (english)

PAMIES lawyers is part of a group of lawyers, which have offices in several cities, and allows us to provide a quality professional services tailored to the needs of each particular case of persons or companies .

We have an extensive schedule of personal attention that allows us to address your queries at any time, so immediate.

We are at your disposal, either at our offices, at home, by phone or internet, to their queries and
we offer our services to process and advice on legal issues and legal.

Ramon Pamies

Ramon Pàmies - lawyer / attorney  

Moreover "PAMIES assessors" advice to clients since 1977, a wide range of services in the areas of advice to individuals, self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses, mainly in the Camp de Tarragona and Priorat, but we also have customers from other Catalonia, Andalucia, Extremadura, Madrid, Andorra, France, Germany, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, etc.