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Progress report


On Saturday 25th of July I phoned Xavier Mangrané the owner of Promotions Calafat S.L. and told him that a number of chalet proprietor were with me prepared to use the law if necessary in order to reduce the level of noise produced by the motorbike racing in his circuit.


He answer was that also he was affected by the same noise as he reside in Calafat however had given to a university in Barcelona the project of evaluating on the most effective method of sound contention which could apply on the area of the circuit, taking into consideration the different directions and strength of the wind.


He also said that he was not sure if a satisfactory solution for everyone could be found, He is expecting an answer from the University during the month of August and  would get in touch to inform me; meanwhile He said that no further competition are taking place on the circuit from now till September.


On the 1st of August I was invited to a reunion (de la comunidad de propietarios de Alosas, edificio situado a la entrada de la urbanización Calafat) donde uno de los punto era el progreso de la actuaciones echas para conseguir una pantalla acústica en el tramo donde la autopista AP7 costea la urbanización Calafat.


The Council of l`Ametlla de Mar has negate any help or support to the Alosas community in resolving the high level of noise generated by the motorway; One would expect that the Council before granting permission to build by the side of a motorway should have requested their engineer to establish if this area was complying with all the normative for residential dwellings, otherwise no licence should have been granted, however if this was done by their negligence, at least they should have supported the tenants in requesting the motorway operator to install an acoustic barrier.

The Council is responsible to produce an acoustic map for the enticed area of Atmella de Mar including Calafat, although the work has been done the Council has not yet given its approval, this create further difficulty for the Alosas community.


The Alosas comunidad de proprietario are now pursuing their claim with the Generalitad de Catalunya.


I exposed my project referent the racing circuit to all participants. Everyone were interested in support it as this was another source of their noise problems; on my part I have expressed my collaboration and support to their cause and would try to get additional support from others chalet owners situated along the motorway in Calafat.


Ajunto el presupuesto del abogado Garriga con las tres fases de actuaciones.


By the end of August we should have re-convened the meeting with the Council and the report from the Barcelona University by Xavier Mangrane. Depending on the outcome of these meeting we will decide if we have to proceed with legal action.


I will keep you informed of any progress.


Best regards