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Reglament anglès

  1. In order to participate in the VILA-SECA CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE MEETING you must bring a motorcycle manufactured before 1980.
  2. Registered motorcycles must be in a reasonable condition.
  3. There will be no route or time checks.
  4. Riders must be over 16 years of age. The use of crash helmets is obligatory.
  5. Tow truck and sweep car.
  6. Any type of contest between participants during the event is prohibited.
  7. By registering for the event all participants agree to follow the instructions of the organisers and to observe the rules of the Highway Code.
  8.  The organisers accept no responsibility for any accidents that may occur during the event.
  9. Motorcycles must have the valid minimum insurance cover.
  10. On signing the registration form all participants declare that they understand these regulations and agree to relinquish any claim against the organisers.
  11. All riders must have an A1 or A2 driving licence depending on the cubic capacity of their motorcycle.
  12. The organisers reserve the right to modify any part of the programme.