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Best ways to obtain better car response

  • Suspension

Change the stock shocks in any case you will find better shocks for llitle price. If you want more racing style go for Koni and Weitec(really racer style!) although you will search for a more conservative response you can try Bilstein, other options are Pedders, Sachs. If you want lower car can go for a lower springs i recommend Eibach Pro-Kit, other options are Weitec and Pedders springs.

  • Wheels
Here two options you have, better accel or bigger wheels. First case, don't go big than 15" (the car will lose noticeably punch) in the other case you can go until 17" with no modifications or problems in ground clearance. The make of the rims depends on your wallet/taste light Kosei's will be an option if you want to reduce car weight, in other case you are free to buy/mount anything you want.
NOTE: S-coupe front axle has captive rotors, captive rotors are bolts retaining the front axle, remember it buying new wheels, if your new wheels don't have space for the bolts (aka flat rim) you will have to put drilled wheel spacers or return the rims.

  • Wheel spacers
For better handling and look you may put wheel spacers in rear axle, in front axle you may feel it more vague. Remember that S-coupe are a sobreturn car (tail's car go out of the turn) with bigger wheelbase you can prevent it a litle.