The St. Joseph Academy Nursery School, (Oasis of peace for a better future), is a  charity center that, educates small children from poor families, in rural area of   masinga and due to the  financial difficulties, distance, disease, hunger etc.  cannot get their basic education in time. Knowing the area is semi-arid and they don't get enough rain,during the year, that can provide them  with water for drinking and food.
                   The Government does not  support school fees for the nursery school kids,the cost of the uniforms, books, food, health and transportation, these are the costs that  they need support. In most cases at this age if their needs are not met, they emigrate to urban areas in search of better life and in most cases they end up becoming street children in those big urban cities, so the center is thought to hold them and give them at their age, better beginning of their life. In actual period there are around 79 children, taught by one teacher, volunteer.