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This is my personal project, started in 1999. Here, I can make the wines that I have in mind.

I started to work in the wine world in 1992, marketing wine in two provinces of Catalonia, for a winery in Penedés (Catalonia, Spain).
Well, when I was younger, I helped my father in his vineyards. I don't know exactly how long my family have had vineyards, but I am led to believe that my grandfather, FRANCISCO MIRÓ BRUNET, was the first family member to plant a vineyard, because my grandfather, born in 1899, OLEGARIO MIRÓ BOSQUET, inherited vineyards.
My grandfather, OLEGARIO, had his own winery, where he made and sold wine, until 1959, when the cooperative was built.  This was also when he took the decision to be a member and closed the own winery.
My father, MIGUEL MIRÓ DESCARREGA, born in 1941, continued working the vineyards to the present day, as a member of the cooperative.
In 1999, I planted my first vineyard and in 2009 I built my winery.
On my mother’s side of the family my grandfather, born in 1917, JAUME DIEGO RIUS, was a renowned grafter (a professional that grafts vines) and an expert in the work of the vineyard, the relationship between lunar cycles with the tasks of the vineyards and everything related to the cultivation.
Looking at my history, maybe I didn't start to work in the wine world in 1992, maybe it is my family tradition and I'm only continuing it.
But I'm sure that the change came in 1992, because when I helped my father, I got bored, I learned to prune, plough, harvest, cultivate vines...but I was bored, as there was nothing else to do after the harvest.
In the winery at Penedés, I discovered what happened after the harvest: the process of making wine and the marketing of it.
When I started to work at Vinícola del Priorat, in 1995, as Commercial Director, I had the opportunity to learn all the processes. Only 4 years later, I started my own project.
In 1999, I planted my first vineyard. To learn how to look after the vineyards I had and still do have the help and the experience of my father and the help of my friend, Sisco Blanch an agronomist engineer, between the three, we designed the vineyards.
In 2009, I started building the winery and the first vintage made at the winery was in 2010. To make wine, I explained my ideas to my friend Ignasi Carsi, a winemaker with a lot of years of experience making wines, we talked about the ideas, and he told me what I should do to make the idea a reality.
Finally, the work: (to prune, plough, green thin, harvest, make the wine, move the hoses, clean the vats, the winery, bottling the wine...) for all of this I have the help of Shaun Pentecost, my English friend, we work together at the vineyards and winery.
Every year we try to improve the wines and I enjoy experimenting with different varieties of wine and spend a lot of time trying to create new styles.
It is a lot of work, but, a fantastic experience too... I hope that you’ll enjoy it!