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Every detail of the elaboration process is carefully supervised from beginning to finish.  We personally oversee the maturation of the grapes to determine the optimum time of harvest.  After harvest the must that arrives to our cellar is analysed by our top technicians who induct an exhaustive quality control and enological testing. 


Our specialty wines are:

 TABLE WINE (red,white,and rose): young and fresh with an alcohol content of 12%Vol.

WINE WITH TARRAGONA D.O. (white,rose,and red): young and fresh with an alcoholic content of 10-12% Vol.

WINE UNDER CATALUNYA D.O. (white,rose,red): young and fresh with alcoholic content of 10-12%Vol.

MISTELA: red and white with an alcohol content of 15%Vol.

MOSCATEL LIQUOUR WINE: sweet dessert wine of the Moscatell variety. Alcoholic content of 15%Vol.

LIQUOR WINE WITH A D.O. TARRAGONA: Sweet dessert wine, very smooth. Alcoholic content 15% Vol.

CONCENTRATED MUST: Used to elaborate wine or grape juices. Of any concentration.

 Please remember that we are able to prepare the highest category in bulk that will meet your personal satisfaction and standards