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All Angles Short Story Anthology

Arola Editors publish our two volume anthology of writing in English

Arola Editors of Tarragona have published an anthology in two volumes of new writing in English in Catalonia.

All Angles 1: Big Magic

A Longer Time Coming by Tony Tysoe (Llagostera)
Big Magic by Georgina Tremayne ( Barcelona )
Cow by Kim Gooden ( Barcelona )
Blue Blue Pictures of You by Anna Chieppa ( Barcelona )
Facecrook by Elena Moya (Tarragona)
PPA Barcelona by Jessica Rainey (Barcelona)
A Spring’s Night by Eva García-Mayers (Tortosa)
All Angles 2: Souvenir
The Curious Contents of Don Alfonso’s Underpants by Paul Connell ( Tarragona )
The Earthquake by Belinda Parris, (Tavertet, Barcelona ) 
Souvenir by Sophie Cameron ( Barcelona )
Crisis, what Crisis? by Susana Solanes (Cambrils )
The Dealer in Strange and Diverse Curiosities by Hunter Tremayne ( Barcelona )
Because of the Beach by Sue Crampton (Llanca)
Llaves - Regina Winkle-Bryan (Barcelona)

These are available in good bookshops, on Amazon Spain and from Arola Editors´ website.

Further enquiries to the email address on the 'all angles' website front page