The Company

Our final aim is to promote  international relations  between companies  through putting in touch all the different agents which are involved in any commercial deal worldwide.

During the last recent years world GLOBALIZATION has actually changed the play rules regarding international trades. Companies have had to adapt to the new rules by reorganizing themselves in order not to be out of the market.

Actual strong existing competition in the market requires companies to be as much efficient as possible. This competitiveness requires to be very strong in its different fields; manufacturing process, technology, I+D, logistics, marketing, finances, human resources etc. As all of this represents high final costs, the new economy has developed other alternatives as the new concept known by the name of OUTSOURCING.

Considering that COMPATITIVE ADVANTAGE is the solution to reduction of costs, companies has focused during the last recent years to develop and manufacture just what they can do in its professional business and subcontracting to third companies the rest of their needs maximizing its OPPORTUNITY COST .







By these premises V&B EXPORT CONSULTING works for the internationalization of its own clients personalizing and advising them the best way to get introduced in each market.