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Thoughs and aphorisms

Christmas, 2008: "Nevertheless, we should feel life. And nevertheless, this could be a nice moment, these could be nice days to think about it"

Sentence that Viktor Frankl attributes to Kant in "Synchronisation in Birkenwald": "The unreality shown to humans, is nearer to the true than the human realities".

January, 2009": "Nevertheless, the true is that I cannot still avoid filling some kind of capability fair: can I do? But now, it is different; I began to transform myself, I began to create those favorable conditions, I began learning how to play down. It is the proper way in order to say at the end that, yes, I can do. And after doing it, when being convinced, when the intention, attraction and attention laws will be on harmony, I will have achieved it. I will have constructed the life that I visualized, the one that I desired. The life that I designed and that will allow us to be happy: giving sense to my life and help giving it to others".