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Associació Atzavara-arrels.
Who we are:
Atzavara arrels is an non-profit association born in the Spanish town of Tortosa, (Tarragona-Spain) early in the year 2000.
We are a plural association, open and participative, formed by people of different origins who contribute to the diversity and enrichment of the objectives set by the institution.
What we do:
At Atzavara arrels  we work to foster socialization, facilitate the exchange and intercultural knowledge of people living together in this 21st century society. 
Our aim is to facilitate a first welcoming to those, who for various reasons, have had to emigrate from their home countries and find in the association, a place in which they are able to share their experiences, needs and interests. 
We organize activities designed to facilitate the autonomy of the users of our services all year long.
The following courses are featured:

Linguistic welcome, beginners and elementary courses.

Esplaia’t: a space dedicated to extracurricular activities.

Espai Dones:a place where women of the world can meet.

Easy Readers Club.

Voluntarieja’t: people who have some leisure time and who contribute to strengthen the association's internal and external liaisons. 

Mirades Magazine.

Basic Computer Workshops.

Linguistic Volunteering.

 Our location:
Atzavara arrels
c/ Poeta Vicent García,3 - (across Renfe's train station)
43500 - Tortosa  
 Tarragona -España
 Tel.: 649 644 874

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