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Tips on playing arena fight on marketglory


tips on playing arena fight on marketglory and get euro


Arena is a place where we could get a euro directly with the fight against other players but there are some requirements that must be met to fight and get the euro in the arena.

The following are the terms in the arena:

  1. Having a Weapon 1 (Low / Normal / High Quality)
  2. Has 1 Armor (Low / Normal / High Quality)
  3. Energy has a minimum of 5

Euro will be given when the server 00.00, if the player still meet 3 requirements above and got a number of euro in accordance with its rank in the arena.


In the picture above if the rank of the player is Novice (1) the server at the time of 00.00 euro players will get 0:11 (before tax).

How to enter the arena:


1. In the top menu select and choose the Fight Arena.
arena3.jpg2. Then the display will appear as above which is a detailed status of the player arena and at the bottom are the players who can be attacked arena.

The green circle = Rank arena today (Civil).
Red circle = Arena points now = 0 and arena points needed to move up rank = 5.
At the bottom there is a player that we can attack the trainer.

WARNING: Trainer can only be attacked when the player is still at the rank of Civil or Novice (1) rank above the trainer will not appear.

Then we click on the preview on the player to view the calculation of trainers fight:



In the picture above the rank Novice players (1) can be attacked as much as 1 times a day and if defeated will reduce 1 Point Arena. (Total day -1 Point Arena).

As for the players to rank Novice (2) can be attacked as much as 2 times a day and if defeated will reduce 2 Arena Point. (Total day -4 Arena Point).

Note: If the player is attacked by another player then the player who attacked energy decreased by 10% and if there is a weapon or armor in the inventory it will automatically be reduced 1 time use.

For more about the point system can be seen in the arenahttp://www.marketglory.com/account/arena/bonuses


It is a strategy in playing arena by zapsphere .Early playing arena only certain players that do not have a big capital that can be ascertained the early buying low quality weapons and armor ( despite having a large capital are strongly advised to use low quality to make it more efficient) .

Why low quality ? Due to the initial rank ( Civil and Novice ( 1 ) ) players only have to fight the trainer where the player will not lose to a trainer that does not require a high attack and defense.

Preparation is needed :

  1. Waking up at 3:00 to 3:30 pm .
  2. Prepare the milk between the hours of 03:00 to 03:45 pm .
  3. Reserving 2 newspapers to increase energy . ( As a precaution recommended 3 papers ) .

The initial steps :

  1. Buy Cuisine HQ between the hours of 19:20 to 1:10 pm that will eat at 1:15 pm .
  2. Purchase 2 pieces similar LQ Weapon . ( 2 Knife or 2 Grenade because these items are usually the cheapest ) .
  3. Purchase 2 pieces of armor similar LQ . ( 2 Helmet or 2 glasses because these items are usually the cheapest ). 1 Weapon / Armor LQ = 5x Hits , so 2 Weapon / Armor LQ = 10x hits .
  4. Buy HQ milk between the hours of 03:00 to 03:45 pm .
  5. Purchase 2 or 3 newspapers .

If the initial energy is 1.00 , then the hours of 1:15 pm after Cuisine eaten then energy will be increased to 6.00 , and at 03.00 pm when the hour of energy would be reduced to 5.42 , after buying milk and 2 newspapers , energy will increase to 11.02 .

After that did fight against trainer 6 times . Why 6 times ? Because when it reaches 5 Point Arena players rank will rise into Novice ( 1 ) and the first time players can be attacked by other players , so in case exceeded 1 point that rank does not go down .

Here's an example of simulation :


From the simulation results above still remaining weapon / armor as much energy as much as 3 and 5:27, so it is still eligible for the euro on the server clock is reset at 04.00 pm.

For the next step we just need to hold the rank of Novice (1) the simulation of the above and still remaining on the weapon / armor as much as 3 times that we can use again the next day so the savings.

Here's an example of an advanced simulation:


In Simulation 1 likened players always attacked first at the start after 04.00 pm and weapons can be used for 3 days (III, IV, and V).
in Simulation 2 likened players always attacked first at the start after 04.00 pm and the weapon can be used as much as 2 days (III and IV).

* In Simulation 1 is quite beneficial for those who feel lazy to do referall fight because it takes a long time (about 1 hour 40 minutes).

REMEMBER, when the weapon / armor runs out, do not immediately buy a new one, but use this time to spend a share of the fight on the day.

NOTE: sometimes when the weapon / armor remaining 1 or 2 is still quite profitable if it is used to perform referall fight (depending on the price of weapon / armor and energy at the time).

For example:
Bonus Arena Novice (1) = 0:10 Euro.
Euro-Gold Exchange Gold = 3.8.
Gold-USD exchange rate = 14 IDR.

Simulation 1 = (3 * 0.10) * 3.8 * 14 => 15.96 IDR (1 Weapon and 1 Armor).
Simulation 2 = (2 * 0.10) * 3.8 * 14 => 10.64 IDR (1 Weapon and 1 Armor).

* The above is gross income and is subject to change as a bonus arena and exchange rates.
* When it gets 1 Euro can be exchanged into gold and swapped again into CAD.